Graphy | Lets Bake Travel Cakes by Kanika Mahajan
My name is Kanika Mahajan and I am a full time baker. You can follow me on Instagram by the name of " Bakehuys ".Right now I am running a home bakery and delivering different products like Celebration Cakes, Tea Cakes, Cookies, Muffins, Macaroons and a lot more.
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Lets Bake Travel Cakes
Lets Bake Travel Cakes is all about teaching how to bake Tea Cakes/Travel Cakes from scratch. What all ingredients we use to make such cakes. Some tips which are not openly disclosed in the industry. This graphy also includes different techniques and tools we use to bake travel cakes. And in the end, most importantly, how we can present and market these cakes easily. This Graphy is beneficial for a person in any age group. You can learn Travel Cake Baking to start your Home Bakery or as a hobby.So lets Bake it Happen
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