Graphy | Learn How to DJ and Get Bigger Shows! by Robi Roka
DJ with 15 years experienced: Played at Unite with Tomorrowland, ULTRA Europe Beach party and ADE.Reached the Beatport top 10 Chart and is currently touring the world.
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Learn How to DJ and Get Bigger Shows!
In this Graphy, you can expect to learn the basics of DJing, the tips and tricks that have made me a successful Festival DJ. Also, learn the business side of DJing, how to get more gigs, how to boost your social media profile, and get signed to labels. BEGINNER BASICS Intro to DJ equipment and what a DJ does How to beat match using the kick and tempo fader When to bring a track, phrase mixing 8 bars mixing with the EQ.Cut the lows Using cue points on how to skip parts of songs Where to find music (Tracklist 1001, Beatport, DJ city) MIXING TECHNIQUES Standard mixing (last 4/8 bars) Effects (echo trick) Looping (loop out) Keeping the beat going (drop to drop) Live mash up Changing tempos / Drop in mix ESSENTIAL SOFTWARE Rekordbox intro Serato intro Mixed in key organizing playlists and crates Creating a DJ set vs reading the crowd PRODUCING A MASH UP Selecting 2 similar songs (mixed in key) Putting into Ableton Finding the point where you want to edit the song Autofilter for smoothness White noise sweeper effects etc HOW TO GET BIGGER GIGS Start your own small event Make a logo Make a press kit (what to include) Find promoters / club owners HOW TO GET MORE FANS Fan gates / Hype edit Instagram = follow and unfollow method Facebook = advertising 101
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