Graphy | Learn Chinese Through Stories, Jokes, Dialogues (Chinese) by Chelsea Li
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Learn Chinese Through Stories, Jokes, Dialogues (Chinese)
The Graphy will contain 12 short Chinese stories and jokes, with explanations and examples on words and grammar points. After reading through 12 chapters, you will see significant improvement with your Chinese reading and listening. All the chapters: - I will refer back to HSK 3 & 4 (International standard Chinese Proficiency Test) grammar points and words. - The stories are drawn from Chinese legends, jokes, or conversations made up by Chelsea using a role-playing style can see some of the samples on my youtube culture and story playlist: But the Graphy will be different from my YouTube Videos, it would be more structured, and would be designed to help the audience to improve their language step by step. It will also contain pictures/vocabulary cards/quizzes
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