Graphy | Jazz - Bollywood by Ruchika Jain
I am choreographer and a Dance-Workout Instructor. I have been teaching dance, since 8years and have been trained in Jazzfunk,Bollywood and Semi-classical. I have created my own dance style called Jazz-Bollywood, to reach out those people who want to learn western - classical dance form on the songs of Bollywood. So, the reason for me to be on Graphy is to reach as many people, who wants to learn these dance forms from Beginner to Elementary level.
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Jazz - Bollywood
My chapters will be 30-45 mins long. Every session begins with a basic warm-up. The warm-up will focus your energies on opening up the different muscles of the body so that you can dance freely. The chapters will also include a grooves and isolation section that can be used in choreography. This will be followed by an 8-16 count choreography. After every chapter, you will definitely grow and eventually, you will be able to perform much better and with a zest of confidence.
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