Graphy | Intro to Slide Guitar and Alternate Tunings by Iain MacLeod
Iain is a musician who lives in Edinburgh, UK. He self produces his own Music and also records other musicians at his home studio.He is also a Music teacher and has a Youtube channel which mainly features Guitar lessons but also includes original Music and covers. Iain has played in many bands and projects over the years ranging from indie Hip-Hop outfit Jibba Jabba to Folk singer Robin Grey to “Sudanese Songstress” Amira Kheir. He currently plays with moon-rock groove monsters The Sound Rays. He fell in love with the Guitar from the age of 10 and as a teenager was inspired by The Stone Roses, Jimi Hendrix and Slash. Later, he studied World Music at SOAS university where he was exposed to everything from Indian Raga to West African Blues. He spent several years teaching and playing Music in London and soaking up all the variety and influences the city had to offer. He has released two solo albums, “Phone Recordings” (2016) and “Kicked Out of Class” (2019). Both are of a rough and ready acoustic nature focusing on a rootsy live sound. “Phone Recordings” is a collection of Slide Guitar instrumentals that got written while busking around Hackney between 2012 - 15. The sound has been compared to John Fahey and Jack Rose. “Kicked Out of Class” features a full band and was made with the help of some fantastic musicians from Edinburgh and London. He is currently working on new material and exploring new sounds in the studio, developing online courses and working on an app for beginner Guitar players…
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Intro to Slide Guitar and Alternate Tunings
In this Graphy you will learn all the basics of how to use a slide or "bottle neck" on the Guitar. We'll go over left hand technique so you can get a good sound and we'll also focus on the picking hand and look at different patterns you can use while improvising in open tunings. You will learn how to play in two open tunings - Open G and Open D. There will be plenty of ideas,tips and tricks and pieces to get you playing fluently in both. We will also look at two scales you can use in both tunings - the Pentatonic (or "blues scale") and the Major scale. The material will be presented in an easy to understand way with lots of clear examples, backing tracks to play along with and notation to guide you.
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