Graphy | I'MANIMATION - Unwinding Imagination by Shraddha Tiwari
Shraddha Tiwari is a young experimental animator of Indian origin and American citizenship.Her hometown is New Delhi, India but is currently based in Brooklyn, NewYork. Shraddha is an Undergraduate in Digital Media arts, Animation from Srishti Institute of Art, design, and technology in India. She is currently pursuing MFA Animation from Pratt Institute, NewYork. Her Undergraduate thesis film "When the Earth shook" has been screened in many art festivals in India like Studio Khirki and Irregulars art fair.
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I'MANIMATION - Unwinding Imagination
“Animation is imagination.” In the midst of the vagaries of life, they provide us a trip to the land of goodness and fairies, of imaginations and possibilities. Animation for a fact has been the earliest form of motion pictures, it was invented even before Live-action film making. We all imagine things but very few people can bring to life. I'MANIMATION - Unwinding Imagination would take the viewers through a fun learning experience of How animation works, What are the principals of animation,What are the different kinds of animation, how one can make an in house studio set up to shoot animation, and how animation can be made even without having a huge production budget. This Graphy will brush through the art of imagination which is To infinity…and beyond!
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