Graphy | How to Style a Wall by Bri Hill
Hi, I am Bri, an artist and designer from Colorado. I create original art to be hung on walls as collections.I have been selling art for a little over six years and I love my job! In addition to creating my own art, I help my local youth by teaching art in the local school.
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How to Style a Wall
My Graphy will cover; 1. How to choose which wall to hang your collection -Which area of the house? -Does lighting affect this space? -What is the vibe of this space? 2. How to decide what style you are going for -Traditional -Mid-Century Modern -Rustic -Farmhouse 3. How to pick a theme -Color? -Subject Matter? -Overall Vibe? 4. How to procure items to hang for cheap -Free Resources -Second Hand Stores 5.How to find original or limited series prints from real artists in your price range -Social Media -Art Fairs 6. How to prepare each piece for hanging -Framing -Finishing 7.And how to hang them -Composition Matters!
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