Graphy | How To Make Thriller Videos From Your Bedroom by FING
FING a.k.a Rohan is a YouTuber with 150,000+ subscribers and has been making videos for the last 4 years.Love for thriller/horror movies got him interested in its production process and since FING has been making his own thriller videos for his YouTube channel. FING's channel aims at providing high quality videos filled with suspense and mystery that are surely gonna keep you glued to your screens and even question reality. Also! Rohan loves to see his viewer's REACTION
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How To Make Thriller Videos From Your Bedroom
Thriller videos are the best! They make you feel all kinds of emotions along with a good adrenaline rush. If you like watching them, you are gonna love making them. In this Graphy we will learn and discuss all my secrets of making a great thriller video that I learned with years of experience in making videos within the thriller/suspense genre. We will cover almost every part of the process of making such a video, starting from scripting we will cover Shooting,Editing and Audio editing as well. Join my Graphy and share my secrets on how to spook out your audience.
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