Graphy | How to Comedy: The Joy of Creating Laughter by Vinayak Pal
I am the award-winning author of the book Comedy Is No Joke! The Stand-up Comic's Guide to Success.It's been endorsed by the booker and opener for the Tonight Show with David Letterman, Eddie Brill. Soon after getting his book published, I won The New Face of Comedy Award. I have worked with Russell Peters, Kabir Singh (Comedy Central), Camille Solari (Comedy Central), Mark Brazill (Co-Creat of that 70's Show), and many more!! I became the youngest comedian to perform at the Boston Comedy Festival and the Kolkata Comedy Festival. I am also the youngest comedian to ever tour India. Ice-T called me a "mothafucka" once, and now I want everyone to know that I am not just some "mothafucka." I am a funny mothafucka."
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How to Comedy: The Joy of Creating Laughter
Hello, my name is Vinayak Pal. I am a standup comedian based in Los Angeles, and my Graphy guides you in creating funny jokes and laughter!And who doesn't like a good joke??? In this graph you will learn: - The psychology behind laughter - My writing process and how to create jokes - Using comedy in social situations - The comedy industry and how to navigate through it - How to get from open mics to booked club shows - Different styles of standup comedy - The history of standup comedy - How to approach comedy bookers and promoters - Performance tips If you like laughter, joy, and fun, then this Graphy is for you!
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