Graphy | How to Bake and Decorate At Home by Maureen Bilha Kamari
Maureen Bilha Kamari is the founder and director at Amari Baking Center; a business that offers bakery and cake decoration training in short courses to those who would like to learn these skills.She has a food management training background that started at Fast Food restaurants, as well as basic pastries training. She has both professional baking and cake decoration practicing experience of over 10 years and is currently a recipe developer in the baking industry in Kenya. She has worked with NGOs to provide vocational skills training to community-based groups that start-up income generating projects. She has also consulted and done recipe development for particular projects with specific ingredients or allergy requirements. Maureen is a professional baker and trainer and has been creating baking and cake decoration courses and content for the last 6 years for different skill levels; home bakers to professional Bakery staff training as well. Maureen also offers baking business startup consultancies to small bakery business enterprises and business mentorship to home-based and small-scale baking business owners looking to grow and scale their businesses.
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How to Bake and Decorate At Home
In this Graphy; learn how to get started on the fundamentals of baking; basic techniques to use comfortably at home to bake and get the best results. Chapter one - Kitchen hygiene and food safety. Basic Equipment, tools and Ingredients you can use in your home kitchen. Chapter two - Ingredients used for baking and their functions. Substitutions that can be used in baking. Chapter three - Basic cake making techniques to use.How to bake Vanilla cake and Cupcakes and decorate using icing sugar Chapter four - Bread making techniques. How to bake a home-made bread and buns Chapter five - Basic icings and frostings. How to make sugar glaze and decorate a cake. How to make and decorate using Chocolate Ganache/Glaze Chapter six - Basic Cookie making techniques. How to make Piped Vanilla Cookies and Sugar cookies. Chapter seven. - Types of Sponge cakes. How to bake a Vanilla Sponge cake and assemble a Forrest Cake. Chapter eight - Baking equipment you can purchase to improve your cake decoration. Advanced cake decoration tips. How to make Fondant icing and Cover a cake. Chapter nine - How to decorate a Birthday cake and write a message. How to use extra garnishes on your cakes . Chapter ten - How to decorate a tall themed cake
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