Graphy | Homemade with OnyiNwatu by Onyinye Nwatu
My name is Onyinye Nwatu. I am a home cook, a trained chef, a food blogger, a food photographer and a food stylist.I love food and love to create amazing dishes. I can’t wait to share some of these with you.
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Homemade with OnyiNwatu
Hey there, I am Onyinye Nwatu, and I’m the voice, cook, photographer and videographer behind KitchenFreakGirl and CrocsAboutTown, (a food blog), and I live in the beautiful Western part of Nigeria. I have an unhealthy obsession with food and kitchen utensils. My graphy will reflect my philosophy on food and cooking – fast, creative, clever, fresh and DELICIOUS!. That’s fast meals for busy weeknights. Creative new ideas and fresh takes on favourites to shortcut preparation,cut down on cost and create food with style. Clever cooking so that you don’t sacrifice taste just because you’re short on time and on a budget. And fresh meals that are made from scratch. However, we will also explore shortcuts (sometimes). My recipes draws on influences from my childhood, my ever evolving fascination with how just a few simple ingredients can transform into something that tastes so amazing. I want to show you how to make vibrant recipes made with everyday ingredients, spanning cuisines from around the world as well as classic comforts. Delicious recipes that are simple to make, cost effective and can often be prepared ahead. I will also share tips share tips and teach food photography, how to amazing pictures at your favourites restaurants, and how to become a food blogger. I hope you find something on here to your taste! – Onyinye Nwatu
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