Graphy | Health & Happiness by Himanshu
My name is Himanshu and I believe you have the power to transform, not just your body but your life.Till two years ago I was leading a very unhealthy life, I was happy but my body was going out of control, I got really overweight around 120Kgs and slowly I wasn't able to give my best to my work, I became lethargic and very lazy. My mental health was thrown off, Self Realization kicked in and Fitness came to my rescue. Slowly I realized fitness is just not about weight loss but much much more.
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Health & Happiness
The best diet is the one you can follow and enjoy while transforming! We are missing sustainability and important issues like mental health, in the fitness ecosystem which has gone crazy about 6 packs, ripped body and zero figures! Himanshu proves that you've got the power to transform, not just your body but your life. This graphy will take you through the first-hand experiences of his transformation from 120Kgs to 65Kgs, his diet, food, nutrition and your mental health.It will also cover in detail about the sustainable fitness and the balance you need to live a healthy happy life while enjoying it! Let's transform together!
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