Graphy | Guitar Unlocked by Murdock Swales
Hi guys!! My name is Murdock Swales and welcome to GUITAR UNLOCKED!
Guitar Unlocked
This Graphy is for the guitar players that are stuck in a rut! I promise to unlock the guitar player you were born to be! Among the idea's being discussed will be: - Playable Theory - Get the jargon off the page and into your fingers! -Modes & How To Use Them- Explore the mysteries of modal guitar playing and unlock crazy new techniques and skills. -The CAGED System- A solid introduction to the CAGED guitar system.Help to unlock the entire fretboard with ease and explore the techniques of guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer and John Frusciante. -Melody, Harmony & The Difference- Learn the power of melody and fuse these concepts into your guitar playing! Study how harmony can affect your entire sound and style as a guitar player! Learn the secrets of both to master your instrument. Check out the Graphy for more!
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