Graphy | Futures Thinking for Innovation and Business Strategy by Sajan Mathew
Hi! I am an innovation strategist, skilled at creating future-focused and human-centered innovation,strategy, and digital experiences. As an engineer with a design-focused MBA and experience in Entrepreneurship, I combine the perspectives from business, design, and technology to challenge conventional thinking about innovation and deliver critical & creative insights. Currently, I work in the Canadian Financial Services industry, architecting delightful experiences for customers.
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Futures Thinking for Innovation and Business Strategy
Today we live in a world with accelerated change where innovation is not just an option for a business; it is a must for any business to stay relevant and continue to exist. Hello, my name is Sajan Mathew, I am an innovation strategist from Toronto, Canada. For almost 8 years now, I have been working at combining perspectives from business, design,and technology to create future-focused and human-centered innovation and digital experiences and I am super excited to welcome you to this learning journey. Through the 10 chapters in this graphy you will learn how to scan and make sense of emerging forces of charge in your business environment and leverage them to spot opportunities for innovation or defend your business against potential disruption. Whether you are a student, aspiring entrepreneur, product manager, or a business leader, this graphy will help you develop skills and mindsets to think critically and creatively about the future.
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