Graphy | Full-Time Photographer by Caleb Schaftlein
Photographer & Founder of @BleachFilm on Instagram with over 640,000 followers around the world.I teach photographers how to increase their reach and start their photography business!
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Full-Time Photographer
I grew @BleachFilm, my photography Instagram, to over 640,000 followers and I would love to help you to grow your photography business on Instagram. In this Graphy, I am going to teach you exactly what I have done over the past 7 years do grow my reach and get more business on Instagram. You can expect to learn how the Instagram algorithm works, how to create and post successful content, and how to start a profitable business as a photographer. Chapters: 1.Optimizing your Instagram for results 2. Posting successfully on Instagram 3. Reaching out to people on Instagram 4. Creating content to post & editing 5. Start your photography business
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