Graphy | From Beginner to Cake Master, A Guide to Cake Design by Coty Fetherolf
Hi, I'm Coty! I'm a cake designer in Columbus, Ohio, specializing in modern buttercream art.I take inspiration from different art mediums, including weaving and painting, and love to share my expertise with other bakers starting where I began.
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From Beginner to Cake Master, A Guide to Cake Design
In this Graphy you will learn how to enhance your love for baking, and create beautiful works of edible art. I will be covering all the basics, making sure you have a firm foundation. Then I will walk you through more intermediate level decorating, including fun and easy cake designs that will wow at events. At the end of this graphy you will learn how to create completely unique designs, and turn your cakes into beautiful and delicious art! What You Will Find In This Graphy: *Basics: Tools,Baking, leveling, stacking, crumbcoat *American buttercream (stable, pipable, delicious), tricks and tips, coloring *Frosting a Cake, Smooth sides/ Sharp Edges *Piping different borders *Ganache Drip *Easy and Beautiful Decorations (Molds, Candy, Sprinkles, Cherries) *Using Different Piping Tips, Easiest and Favorites *Marbled Buttercream *Buttercream stripes *Fun Dripping Popsicle Cake *Cute and Easy Cupcake Cake *Geode Cake *Ice Cream Cone Cake *Rice Paper Sail, Modern and Unique Design *Pom Art Cake *Painting on Buttercream *Palette Painted Floral Cake *Mosaic Cake, Turning Art Into Cake (Thinking Outside the Cake Box) *Woven Cake Technique, Turning Art Into Cake *Embroidery Cake Technique, Turning Art Into Cake
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