Graphy | From Acne-Prone to Acne-Free by Dr. Shashi Shokeen
I am a general physician and doing my post graduation in skin aesthetics and anti-aging.I am passionate about skin care and believe that only medicines cannot be a cure to skin problems, their are way too many aspects to a young and healthy skin. I wish to spread the same message using my social media profiles! As someone who herself has not been gifted with a very good skin, I understand the anxiety and lack of self-confidence bad skin can bring alone. So having tackled my own skin problems and taking up a degree to study every skin type in detail, I am here to serve you on a platter, all the knowledge I have gained about skincare so far.
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From Acne-Prone to Acne-Free
It's very much possible to Google and get a ton of tips and tricks for getting rid of acne, which the majority of the time doesn't work at all. Ever wondered why? I'll tell you! Because all that content is generic and targeted towards millions of people. So, how is this Graphy different from all that content? I'll tell you that as well. In this Graphy, I'm going to take you through a journey of not just getting rid of acne, but to transform your skin from acne-prone to acne-free.I'll be starting from the very basics of skin and help you understand your own skin better. Once you know your skin, I'll help you choose the right products, the right skin routine, the right diet. Together we'll work to remove both physical and mental scars of acne that have been troubling you for years. So get on board, cut a little budget from the expensive serum you were about to splurge on, and spend on something that actually has the potential to help you!
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