Graphy | Freestyle Dance by Lena Victoria
Lena Victoria is a self-educated freestyle dancer and a YouTube Creator from Austria. She's beendancing her whole life - falling in love with freedom creativity dance as well as all other forms of creative expression like art, poetry and photography. She started to share her passion through Social Media with people all around the world and has the goal to inspire people on their own freestyle dance journey to dance to the beat of their own drum.
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Freestyle Dance
In this Graphy you will learn all the important aspects you gotta keep in mind while starting your freestyle dance journey. Lena will give you tips on the right mindset, the right environment, ways to develope your own style and how to express emotions towards a song so you're able to tell a story through your movements.Lastly Lena will show you some Waving and Shuffle Moves to enhance your style and give you tips on how to include them in your own unique way of moving. This Graphy is for beginners as well as advanced dancers who want to enhance their dance skills and become more comfortable in freestyle dancing. Don't just walk through your life - dance!
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