Graphy | Fragrance Fundamentals! by Justin Copeland
Justin Copeland, aka JC, has been an avid fragrance enthusiast since childhood, and a bonafide fragrance lover for the past 5 years.He created his own online platform, called Stay Fresh Productions in late 2015, which currently has a distinct presence on both YouTube (30k+ subscribers) and Instagram (6.5k followers). JC loves to share his personal fragrance journey, as well as offer critical discussions about fragrance through his platform with anyone who has interest to listen. He also loves to engage with his viewers about their tastes in fragrance, and discover new scents to continually inspire his passion and creativity. Fun Fact: JC’s primary occupation is that of a musician! He is a professional performer, a composer, and educator, has been playing the trumpet for almost 20 years, and seeks to occasionally integrate his love for music with his passion for perfumery through his platform.
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Fragrance Fundamentals!
In this Graphy, we are diving into the basics of all things fragrance-related! Such topics will include: -Fragrance Concentrations: all about how the concentration of a fragrance/perfume/cologne affects its strength, which we need to be mindful of when applying it -The right fragrance for the right occasion: we will discuss the idea of scent profiles, which will allow you to understand which fragrance to wear to which occasion. We will take into account the time of the year,the time of the day, your plans for the day, and your climate. An understanding of fragrance concentrations plays a big role in this as well. -Putting all the previous information to use, we will discuss how to actually apply your fragrance on your body. We will examine best locations on the body to apply fragrance and why. We will also take into account the type of environment in which you will be, the type of scent profile you will be wearing, and again, its concentration. -Diving deeper into scent profiles, we will break down the idea of notes and accords to allow us to better identify and classify our scents -I will share with you some simple tips (many that you can conduct at home) to improve your nose and broaden your palette -We will discuss the idea of building a diverse fragrance collection to be prepared for any situation! -and much more... By the end of this Graphy, you will know how to make sure that you’re smelling your best in every occasion, and will make amazing first impressions!
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