Graphy | For the love of Calligraphy by Giorgio Gaetani
My name is Giorgio and I'm a left handed calligrapher from Italy. I practiced calligraphy for several years,working to master different styles. My all time favorites are Copperplate script, Fraktur and Italic.
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For the love of Calligraphy
In this Graphy, we will explore the basics of calligraphy, with a special focus in Copperplate Script. We will start with some important infos on materials like pens, nibs, inks, papers and other useful tools that can help us in our journey. We will then move to the basic strokes needed to form the various letters, from A to Z. We will study the majuscules, as well as the minuscules letters. At the end of this graph you will be able to trace beautiful letters.
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