Graphy | Followers to Payers: Make Money on Instagram by Afreen Mansoor
Afreen quit her soul-sucking 9 to 5 job in 2018, without a backup plan, and became a full-time freelancerand online entrepreneur to teach others how to be their own boss and live the life they don't need an escape from. She is a graphic designer, course instructor, speaker and content creator and she believes that everyone is a lot more than their job title! She has helped and inspired people around the world by showing what's possible for them outside the cubicle.
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Followers to Payers: Make Money on Instagram
You don't need hundreds of thousands of followers to make money using Instagram! In this Graphy, Afreen will teach you how to use Instagram correctly to monetize your passion and expertise, even with a small following. The Graphy starts with the steps to identifying your winning idea which is not only profitable but also fun! The chapters in this Graphy are designed to help you use Instagram to attract your ideal followers and customers,create content that positions you as the expert and convert them smartly without being salesy or pushy – we know nobody likes that! This Graphy is perfect for anyone who loves Instagram and wishes to monetize their passion and expertise, and have fun while doing it! Remember, getting PAID is more important than getting popular!
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