Graphy | Explore the Magic of Watercolors by Apurvaa Malik
Hello! My name is Apurvaa Malik and I am a freelance artist, logo designer based in New Delhi, India.I have been practising and working with watercolours, acrylics, gouache, chalk & oil pastels and several artistic tools for almost five-plus years now. Most of my work revolves around the subject of nature. I also take commissions for designing greeting cards for every occasion. Teaching gives me a great sense of fulfilment and after teaching around five hundred plus students. I'm thrilled!
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Explore the Magic of Watercolors
Learn, prepare and shine in your journey of watercolors right from scratch in this graphy. It takes practice and experimentation to get good handle on how watercolors work and react to different processes, and these processes need to be understood properly in the initial stage. You will learn EVERYTHING that you need to know about watercolor materials, basic and advanced techniques and also some fun new ways to use your paints mixed with other mediums and house hold supplies,such as salt and bleach. You will be delighted and really happy with the results that you can obtain by practicing and following this graphy. There would be a very friendly final painting project in the end where you would be able to execute all that you learn. So, join me in this fun filled experience and get watercolor-ing with me ! :)
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