Graphy | Economics - Broken Down! by Sagar Jain
After teaching grades XI and XII for more than 6 years now from the age of 17 and finding myself appealing to the students at a large scale,I have discovered the power of tech-based content delivery to be extremely successful whether classes are conducted online or offline. I have taught 1000+ students and I bring together the traditional curriculum (as I have had experience teaching in schools) and the tech-savvyness (if that is a word) to make awsome things happen. With 26k+ subscribers on youtube, providing me assurity that I do appeal to audience at large, I have faith that I being a Grapher would make a difference. I am from Kolkata and am currently pursuing Masters in Commerce and am CA Foundation qualified.
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Economics - Broken Down!
The graphy will cover the basic economics of life. From people curious about GDP and RBI's decisions, to students studying in Higher Secondary, all can take up this graphy to enhance their knowledge to apply it in the real world. The following chapters will be covered: Micro Economics: 1. The Introduction 2. What is the economy's problem? [Central Problems of an Economy] 3. I Demand it! [Demand and its Elasticity] 4. I'll Supply it! [Supply and its Elasticity] 5. I want more... No, Stop![Consumer's Equilibrium] 6. What affects a businessman? [Production Function] 7. Profit. Profit. Profit. [Cost and Revenue] 8. When is a producer happy? [Producer's Equilibrium] 9. Monopoly? - Yes please! [Forms of Market] 10. Bargaining Much? [Price Determination] Macro Economics: 11. How rich is a country? [National Income] 12. Money and Banking 13. Income and Employment 14. The Government Budget 15. When will Indian Rupee and Dollar be equal? [Balance of Payments] Indian Economic Development: 16. Before Independence 17. Five Year Plans 18. LPG 19. Poverty 20. End?
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