Graphy | Easiest Way To Become A Photographer (Bengali) by Arghya Bhakta
Hi, this is arghya, a kolkata based photographer with a 6years experience. Not only that,I've also received several medals, awards and completed my AFIP distinction.
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Easiest Way To Become A Photographer (Bengali)
Are you trying to be a better photographer? Then this is the right place you've chosen. I'm going to provide the best tips and tricks to become a better photographer. Not only that, I'll provide a very easy explanation of every topic. Here We'll discuss about the basic 10 pillars of photography, how to choose a perfect camera and lens for your photography, how to know your camera, how to prepare your camera for photography, what is shutter speed, what is aperture, what is ISO,what is composition, different types of composition, how to join different types of contest etc.
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