Graphy | Drumming Culture by Andressa Pezzuol
Hi, I am Andressa. I love music. I am a singer and drummer. I teach and play Brazilian songs andJazz.
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Drumming Culture
In this Graphy, I invite you to meet this universe that I refer as the “Drumming Culture”. We’ll get started with the basics so don’t be afraid. In this Graphy I will explore more about the rhythms and possibilities. Thinking about the improvisation, we’ll start practicing the most important Brazilian language since the very beginning. Join me in my cultural journey. Let's drum together. In this Graphy,I will cover the following topics! Chapter 1: Starting the Drums SAGA Chapter 2: Introduction Chapter 3: Bossa Nova Variations Chapter 4: Soloing on Bossa Nova Chapter 5: Exploring the independence Let's get started!
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