Graphy | Designing Dynamic Fantasy Characters by Angus
Hello this is Artie! I am a self-taught freelancer who enjoys creating everything from animations,art and motion graphics. I want to share some of what I´ve learnt over the years, to anyone who also wants to get started!
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Designing Dynamic Fantasy Characters
Hello everyone! In this Graphy I will be covering the creation of fantasy characters and how to bring them to life through their design. These techniques can be applied to any style and in many ways can be applied to any mediums you´d like, from traditional methods, to digital, 3D and even to animation or film.We will be looking at... -Understanding how shape and form can say different things about character. -Understanding the importance of a character´s history to influence their design. -Understanding the use of historic armor, weapons, clothing in the real world to influence and use in our own. -Understanding character arcs and how to change your characters in different ways. This Graphy will consist of five unique characters we will design and draw, one by one, explaining in detail the choices that were made and why. -Chapter 1 : The Nomad -Chapter 2 : The Knight -Chapter 3 : The Witch -Chapter 4 : The Trader -Chapter 5 : The Priest There will also be helpful tips that I have learnt along the way that you might find interesting! If you´re a beginner you can follow along or start with a pen and sketch book! Either way we´ll be diving together into other worlds beyond our own!
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