Graphy | Delicious Chinese Made Easy by Yan Wang
Hi, I'm Yan! I am a working mom, living in San Francisco with my husband and two beautiful daughters.I am an avid home cook, and specialize in Chinese, Asian fusion, and American cooking. My passion is to take complicated recipes and break them down so it becomes easier for any home cook to tackle. I hope you enjoy my recipes!
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Delicious Chinese Made Easy
In this Graphy, Yan, a working mom from San Francisco shall guide you through her easy to follow Chinese recipes. She will be going more in-depth by explaining basic ingredients you will find in every Chinese home, traditional recipes from different regions in China as well as easy Chinese takeout recipes that you can quickly make at home! The Chapters are curated such that you gain knowledge and information on everything from soups to desserts. Yan shall share her tips and tricks, shortcuts,and must-do's throughout this Graphy, giving it her own personal touch. She will go over regional dishes across China, Chinese noodles and rice dishes, Vegetarian-friendly dishes, and easy desserts! This Graphy is meant for all levels of cooking, from beginners to advanced. Purchasing this Graphy gives you access to all the chapters. If you love Chinese food, then this Graphy is a must for you!
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