Graphy | Dancy Fit With Joy by Jyotsna Arora
Hi, I am an Internationally licensed dance fitness trainer with multiple Degrees and Licenses in Fitness.For me, Dance Fitness is not just my work, but is my love and passion. With my 6years of experience as a dance fitness instructor for many brands - National and International- I am here for a very unique and exciting Graphy - DANCY FIT WITH JOY!
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Dancy Fit With Joy
BE YOUR OWN DANCE FITNESS INSTRUCTOR. Why be dependent on someone else for your fitness and joy? Learn the basics of the dance fitness program at home and be a rockstar of your own! In this Graphy, you will learn all about: 1. Dance fitness - the introduction, why dance fitness, phases, and safety measures. 2. Warm-up - importance, how do we warm-up, points to remember while planning introduction. 3. Cooldown - Concept - How to cool down, Muscle-specific stretches. 4. Conditioning - Concept,Interval Training. Music or muscle-specific core dance fitness movements - Module 1 5. Music or muscle-specific core dance fitness movements - module 2 6. Muscle or music-specific core dance fitness movements - module 3 7. Anatomy of a song. How to prepare a choreography, recapitulation, and conclusion.
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