Graphy | Creating Photo Art: From Your Phone by Susan Driscoll
I am a Photo-Artist with an education in Graphic Design from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston,Massachusetts I take photos and edit/enhance them so that they capture the mood that I was experiencing at the time the photo was taken.
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Creating Photo Art: From Your Phone
In this Graphy, Susan, shall guide you through the art of taking better pictures with your phone. She will then take you through the process of editing using apps available on your phone to enhance the pictures to create your own unique images. Each chapter follows a progression as you learn the key components to images, what frames are the best, how to create shapes in your images and then move forward to colour correcting, editing, filters and much more on apps like Lightroom,Photoshop Express and Snapseed This Graphy is meant for everybody, from the most basic beginner just thinking of starting out but not knowing how to, to the creative instagram bloomers who want to learn how to enhance their posts with unique editing styles! So, join Susan and take your first steps into the editing world!
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