Graphy | Creating Noise Professionally: A Music Production Guide by Jeremiah Navarro
Hey my name is Jeri and I am a music producer here in CO. I love to make all kinds of genres,so stick around for tips!
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Creating Noise Professionally: A Music Production Guide
In this Graphy, Jeri runs down the basics of music production, and much of what he has learned himself thoughout the years. You'll be able to learn how to navigate a DAW, use the various types of gear, and even get to making your own music. These chapters are split into detailed and categorized sections that will make producing music an enjoyable journey. As you learn, you will easily be able to follow along and apply your knowledge.It will guide you and get rid of any anxiety or worries you may have as an upcoming music producer! This Graphy is crafted towards those who have had no experience in music production whatsoever, although, anyone may take away some knowledge from this. Start now to get into the game, and to embark on your musical career!
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