Graphy | Corporate 101 by Deepak Chhabria
Engineer, Podcaster, Storyteller
Corporate 101
This Graphy covers the basics for a student to transition from a student mindset to a corporate mindset in order to be ready to conquer the corporate world. Here's a list of topics that I've covered in this Graphy so as for anyone to be prepared to conquer the corporate from day 1: 1. Build a lifestyle for yourself 2. Day 1 Checklist 3. The First Month 4. The Possibilities 5. The Short Term Goal 6. A Day in the Corporate 7. The Next Step 8. Is Change Necessary? 9. The Art of Communication 10.Work Hard, Party Harder 11. The Art of Working Right 12. Showcase. I hope this Graphy helps you in preparing for success.
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