Graphy | Cooking and Content Magic with Rajmaboy by Aman Malhotra
Jise tum pagalpanti kehete ho woh junoon hai mera❤ #contentboltahai Digital Content Creator | HomeCook👨‍🍳
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Cooking and Content Magic with Rajmaboy
Cooking & Content Magic with Rajmaboy will take you through the magical journey of cooking and digital content creation. This Graphy will act as a starter guide for those who want to showcase their passion for food to this digital world using their smartphones and minimum resources. This course includes various chapters in which Aman Malhotra AKA Rajmaboy will be sharing his experience, that will help you learn; Basics of food content creation,How to shoot food videos and pictures using a smartphone,Things you require for creating food content, How to grow your Instagram food page and so on. BONUS CONTENT!! Explore the Region of Jammu with Recipes of some Hidden Treasures of Dogra Cuisine- The cuisine of Jammu. Special guest for his expert advice in one chapter. Catch him on Graphy !!
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