Graphy | Cook Like a TRINI (Trinidadian) by Jenna G
I'm a proud hijabi from Trinidad & Tobago who loves cooking.
Cook Like a TRINI (Trinidadian)
In this Graphy, you will learn about Trinidad and Tobago's rich and diverse food culture. Jenna G will be providing some fun facts and information about this beautiful Caribbean island and she will also be sharing some of her recipes for classic 'Trini' dishes. Each chapter is carefully created to ensure that all information is easy to grasp. You will learn about key ingredients used in Trini cuisine, methods of cooking specific dishes and also some of the country's lingo.Have you ever heard of callaloo, bake and shark, doubles or pelau? These are just some of the delightful dishes you will learn about. What about the beaches? Ever heard of Maracas? Purchasing this Graphy gives you full access to all upcoming chapters. After viewing the entire Graphy, you will understand the country and food better and you will be able to COOK LIKE A 'TRINI'!
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