Graphy | Bullet journalling for a Better Life by Elisabeth
Journaller, writer and creative from the UK.
Bullet journalling for a Better Life
Using several years of experience and more recent research, this class will take students through the origins of bullet journalling, how to find your personal bullet journal style, some of the key benefits of bullet journalling, and the practicalities involved in setting up a bullet journal and sharing it online. Students will come away with the knowledge and confidence to set up their own bullet journal and tailor it to their needs and skills. Chapter One: What is bullet journalling,where did it come from, and who is it for? Chapter Two: Gathering inspiration and figuring out your style Chapter Three: Tools of the trade Chapter Four: Setting up your bullet journal Chapter Five: Filling up those blank pages Chapter Six: Dealing with mistakes and regrets Chapter Seven: Making time for bullet journalling Chapter Eight: Using your bullet journal to boost productivity Chapter Nine: Bullet journalling for mindfulness Chapter Ten: Sharing your bullet journal online Chapter Eleven: Wrap-up
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