Graphy | Botanical Dye Tales with MiaSylvia by Mia Sylvia
Fabric Instillations ♻️ Event Designer Eco ⋒ Editorial 〰️ Botanical Dye Workshops EthicalStylist+Colourist Textile +Garment Regeneration 〰️ Est'16
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Botanical Dye Tales with MiaSylvia
L e a r n N a t u r e s R a i n b o w Join MiaSylvia for a variety of masterclass' in the world of natural dyes. Each Chapter You'll take away tips of how to harness colour on organic/upcycled fabrics hand-dyed by you, using 100% organic and natural ingredients and pigments found in your kitchen cupboards and gardens. Some Chapters you'll learn how to forage natural ingredients such as plants, flowers and food waste for making natural dyes.We will go on a wonderful journey into our planet to discover mother natures offerings for colour sources. All of the colours you will learn and can make will allow you to create your own natural colour swatch book. Later Chapters include what can we make with our naturally dyed fabrics, how to source garments and fabrics ethically and the impacts we have on our planet when practicing sustainable textile/fashion skills.
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