Graphy | Become The Lord of Strings With Devnik Dutta by Devnik Dutta
Become The Lord of Strings With Devnik Dutta
Devnik Dutta is a Guitar Player hailing from Mumbai, India. After picking up the guitar 6 years ago,he quickly garnered extreme success with multiple heavy - metal bands in India, he is currently a solo artist and plays with assorted artists in the music circuit. He is also a digital marketer, documentary maker, website - designer, writer, composer, movie buff among other things.
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Become The Lord of Strings With Devnik Dutta
Thinking of playing blazing fast guitar solos or heart-warming chords in front of thousands? In this Graphy you will learn all about guitar. Starting from the absolute basics, the chapters touch down on extreme fun with chords & popular songs, adding funk to your playing, shredding guitar solos with the most advanced techniques used by guitar legends and making theory very easy! You may even write your very first song in a few chapters! With extensive tutorials and exercises,this Graphy is crafted into 3 Stages - Beginner, Intermediate and Guitar Hero. Purchasing this fun Graphy gives you access to the all the chapters including the upcoming ones. So Cm'on! Let's turn you into a Guitar Sensation!
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