Graphy | Become a Creative with The King by King
Hello beautiful people! I go by King. I’m an Artist here at Graphy, and I’m here to uncover the artist in all of you.Join me on this journey of creativity!
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Become a Creative with The King
Hello beautiful Souls, it's King here! I'm so excited to make content for all of you. I believe that everyone can get wacky and creative, you just have to learn to channel it. Together, we will do just that. We'll start off with bringing out our inner artist by keeping a sketchbook, documenting every idea we have, and learning to doodle. Next we will go over supplies such as brushes, paints, pencils, and markers. After,we'll get the colors out of the way by learning how to mix and match, create shadows and highlights, and different textures to communicate ideas. And finally, we can put everything we have gone over to the test. You'll learn to create you very own master piece in whatever medium you choose! Don't worry, I'll be there every step of the way. I'm so excited to share this with everyone, and I look forward to seeing you on Graphy!
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