Graphy | Be Smarter Faster - How To Have AN INCREDIBLE MEMORY by Matt DiMaio
Now in his 4th decade of producing attention-getting results as a respected speaker/trainer,Matt DiMaio is the creator of the popular YouTube channel: "Be Smarter Faster" where his ideas have helped millions of students and gained a worldwide audience. Since 1980, he has continued to research, teach, and publish the very best tips, tactics and techniques that empower students of every age to learn everything and anything faster and better. Often called "The EnterTrainer" for his dynamic and humorous approach, Matt's philosophy is to "Laugh & Learn Your Way To Success". In addition to having lectured at many colleges and universities, he has spoken at some of North America's most prestigious venues, including Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center, The Toronto Convention Center, New York's Waldorf Astoria, Nassau Coliseum, and even The Super Dome!
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Be Smarter Faster - How To Have AN INCREDIBLE MEMORY
School tells you WHAT to learn. Matt DiMaio teaches you HOW to learn it. Imagine how much more profitable, productive, and easier your life would be if you could just stop forgetting and start remembering. You will enjoy greater self-confidence, eliminate wasted time, be more admired and respected, get excellent grades, and earn more money, all because you can quickly and easily recall names, details, facts, and figures. When you discover how to have “An Incredible Memory”,you will acquire the all-important ability to learn everything and anything, faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible. In this Graphy, you will obtain the powerful strategies and rarely taught secrets that will multiply your brain power and enable you to “Be Smarter Faster”. We live in an age of information overload. Those who can't keep up run the risk of being left behind. Yet, few people have been taught the fundamental skills that enable them to learn things effortlessly and easily. Having this information is like getting the owner’s manual to your mind.
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