Graphy | Basic & Simple Yoga Poses For Beginners by Shivani Amin
My name is Shivani, a former engineer, and web designer now turned into a yoga teacher. I am currently undergoing a diploma in yoga,with in-depth knowledge of yoga asanas, yoga therapy, and advanced techniques.
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Basic & Simple Yoga Poses For Beginners
The art of yoga is the root of the basics. Pranayam - Inhale & exhale therapy. Each session involves sequences of pranayam, Surya namaskar, twisting, balancing, and all other asanas that help you and take you in you and make you feel different from within mind and soul. Vigorous practice will sure take you to the next level and develop a solid foundation to be able to find a unique yogic self. Content plus focus and practice will take you to a new journey to explore. In this Graphy,you shall go through all the basics of yoga which will help your body, mind, extra strength, and flexibility. This Graphy is for all levels, for everyone, and at any age. The basic asanas will take you to another level of happiness. So train your mind to practice basic yoga, place your mat & be ready for a new journey of asanas.
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