Graphy | A Beginner's Guide to the World of Music by Saurabh Shetye
Saurabh Shetye is a Music Producer/Singer/Songwriter. He has also given several TedX Talks,and is a Mirchi Music Award winner for Best Upcoming Music Director of the Year. Being a YouTube Creator of unique covers and loop music videos, he is also one half of the Music Director Duo Saurabh - Durgesh. He has various popular Indian and International Singles to his name, including Nee Venakale Nadichi ft. Vijay Deverakonda, and Aag Ka Gola L.A. ft. Robert Hoffman(Step Up 2 Fame).
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A Beginner's Guide to the World of Music
In this Graphy, Saurabh will get you acquainted with the basics of music and musical instruments, with discussions on all the topics surrounding music as well. Being an Award Winning International Music Director, Singer, Songwriter, TedX Speaker and Performer for 9 years, he intends for everyone to have a deeper connect with Music, to get the most out of it. This Graphy’s chapters have been designed so that anyone with absolutely no knowledge of music and musical terms,will have an understanding of, and be motivated to sing, write, compose, and play an instrument by the end of this Graphy. The Graphy course has been designed for Beginners as the name suggests. However, Moderate Music Learners may also acquire a strengthening of their core music concepts, and understand how to go about using their skills better. Purchasing this Graphy gives you access to all the Chapters, which will keep on releasing on a regular basis. So go for it, and use this time to enter a new hobby, or maybe enter music for life, as you really can’t get out of music later anyways!
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