Graphy | A Beginner’s Guide to Poetry by Feranmi Okafor
Feranmi Okafor is an award winning poet, spoken word artist, and Digital Content Creator.She is passionate about using poetry to tell stories that highlight societal issues affecting people. She is a budding author and also the Convener of the “moonlight Tales, night of poetry” which brings together a community of like-minded youths to express themselves through art. She is also a poetry& Confidence Coach for high school students. She is a Law student of Unilag.
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A Beginner’s Guide to Poetry
In this Graphy, Feranmi Okafor will discuss about “A Beginner’s Guide to Poetry” This Graphy will span across the history, development, elements, devices of poetry. If you follow this Graphy you will learn how to employ creative thinking in your writing process and also learn the art of storytelling through poetry. This is a unique skill that can change your perspective on life in general and how you look at things.You will also learn how to build your brand as a poet if you decide to take it up as a career path and monetize your craft. Poetry is an Art for Self-expression and this Graphy will help to build your confidence as a poet and a writer, you will learn how to write poetry even if you’re a beginner or you have basic knowledge of the art.
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